Mar 07

You took a vocabulary quiz and we went over some quotations from the reading.

I gave you this new writing assignment: wake-forest-essay.pdf 

Mar 03

You need to be on page 67

Here is questions of the day #10: questions-of-the-day-_-10.pdf

Here is the new syllabus: capture-syllabus.pdf 

Feb 27


Feb 27

You have a new book (I Capture the Castle).

Get those first four chapters read for Monday.

Feb 24

Good last discussion today.

Test on Catcher in the Rye tomorrow 

Jan 31

We did this in class and turned it in: catcher-chapter-3-and-4-questions.pdf

Be to page 66 for Monday and ready for a vocabulary quiz

Jan 30

You have a quiz through chapter four of The Catcher in the Rye tomorrow.

Here is the Proverbs of Hell writing assignment: proverbs-of-hell-essay.pdf 

Jan 08

Here is the syllabus for the end of 2nd quarter: hon-10-pm-sem-1-13-14.pdf

Here is the Outliers final project: outlier-project.pdf

Dec 18

Vocabulary quiz is Friday

Essay due today.

Quiz: outliers-quiz-83-158.pdf

Homework: outliers-in-class-169-189.pdf 

Dec 12

Read to 129 for Monday

Be ready with Poem Recitation # 2 for Tuesday

Honors English 10 pm